ECO Pledge

Striving to be a No Waste Brand

As Epoxy Resin and Polymer clay naturally are not compostoble materials, we strive at Rebel Fox Crafts to be as waste friendly as possible. 

We ensure that no materials are wasted during our creation process and make use of leftover scraps of clay and resin by using them to make other pieces of jewellery, accessories or homeware. All our items are made in small batches with most resin items being made to order to ensure that materials are used sparingly.

Let's talk packaging

Packaging is also made ECO friendly, we used cardboard boxes and ECO packaging tape that can be recycled after your order had arrived safely with you. We are also looking into ECO stickers and backing cards that will be introduced shortly.

If you have any questions on our ECO No Waste policy, or can even suggest ways to help us improve further, pop us a message in the contact form above.