Rebel Fox Crafts Pop-Up at Geek Retreat's PRIDE event!

Rebel Fox Crafts Pop-Up at Geek Retreat's PRIDE event!

We appeared at the Harlow Geek Retreat pop-up on Saturday 17th June for their first PRIDE Charity event.

Arriving bright and early in the morning, the board game cafe was already being decorated with the LGBTQIA+ flags along with sparkly unicorn balloons and rainbow hats for the staff. We started setting up our pitch next to Hooray for Cakes and Newt Illustration. Feeling the heat of the day already, I admit it was a struggle focusing on the placement of the stock. However with the room full of friendy faces and the Manager buying us all sausage rolls for breakfast, we were able to keep a positive mindset and finish getting ready before the shop opened.

It was a great day, the cafe was buzzing with customers and everyone was enjoying themselves. It's safe to say, alot of my target audience were there that day, so it was lovely meeting the quirky fellow D&D nerds and gamers of local community. I always love markets, even if they are not as sucessful as I want them to be, and that is because the best part is meeting and conversing with people in real life. Seeing which items they are drawn to and seeing what other ideas for colourways and shapes that they have. The trays were definitely a winner! 

"I looked at your website afterwards and there was even more things that I wanted on there!"

This market was definitely full of conversations and it was also my most successful market yet! It has definitely filled me with confidence, as I am trying to take a more fantasy, celestial, cottage core route with my themes and introduce a variety of items opposed to just earrings. It was definitely worth fighting through the heat with the litres of water I drank and taking quick breaks to stand in front of a fan. There were so many amazing geeky items on the other stalls, so much so, that I couldn't resist treating myself to a crocheted Beholder hair clip/brooch and some cookies. I was mezmerised in illustrations and even bought a cool Star Trek Board game for my partner. I really hope to be back at a Geek Retreat event again soon, and hopefully see you there!!

 "This stall is dangerous, I want everything!"

The next shop drop is on 30.6.23 at 7pm BST
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